What is Fairy Hair?

Fairy Hair Shimmers are thin strands made from 100% silk, with no chemical treatments. Eco-friendly, biodegradable, and non-plastic, these natural fibers break down once they has fulfilled their lifespan, so you can do up your ‘do guilt free! 

How Do You Put Hair Shimmers In?

Hair shimmers are tied to one individual piece of hair within seconds.

How Long Do They Last?

They last until the individual strand the shimmer is tied to, falls out on its own. Most often a few weeks in fine hair, and a few months in thicker hair. Can last for months, or just one day. When you lose a hair, who can say?

For longevity, I do recommend a good strong combing before you get your shimmers, to pull out any loose strands ahead of time!

Can I Style Them?

Yes! Style as usual! Because of the silk nature of the strands, they will not melt or be altered with heat. Hair dryers, curlers and straighteners welcome.

Do They Work in Curly Hair?

Shimmers are for all hair types – curly or straight (I have even tied and wrapped shimmers around dreads and braids!) They will blend with your natural hair after a wash.

What If I Bleach or Dye My Hair?

Shimmers are dye-resistant! They will hold up through your roughest and toughest hair changes.

… Really Though?

Yes! Trust Me. Get a few, get your hair dyed and then call me when you’re ready for more 😉

What is Your Pricing?

Get a few strands for a subtle approach or go for a whole head!

  • $10 for 6 strands
  • $20 for 12 strands
  • $40 for a half head
  • $65 for a full head

What Is Considered a ‘Strand’ of Fairy Hair?

A ‘strand’ of fairy hair is a silken shimmer doubled onto a piece of natural hair. The knot is tied in the center of the silk shimmer, so essentially, you get a double strand of shimmer for each tied in piece!

What is a Half Head vs. Full Head?

  • Half Head is 30 minutes of tying. You get 3-4 times as many shimmers as the 12-strand option. With this option, we layer shimmers into 2 to 3 layers of your hair (depending on thickness). A half head is approximately 40 strands of shimmers!
  • Full Head is 60 minutes of tying. With this option, we layer shimmers in 3 to 4 layers of your hair (depending on thickness). A full head is approximately 80 strands of shimmers!

How Many Colors Do You Have?

With over 20 colors to choose from, we will match the fairy strands to your natural hair color, so they can subtly shimmer like sunshine… or go with some of the wild and fun unicorn colors! Mix and matching is welcome!

Where Did You Get This Idea From?

After one year traveling abroad, I returned to the States and visited one of my old stomping grounds in a small rural Oregon town. I told a business owner friend of mine that I was going to move back to Buffalo, and start a henna business, using some of the new skills and techniques I gained during my adventures in India. My friend and her mother offer Fairy Hair out of their business, and she suggested I take some with me and try it out in Buffalo! I actually had to be convinced because I didn’t know if it would be popular, but now I am glad I brought the craft back with me. Read more of my story at the About page!