Fairy Hair Shimmers

Get glam with sparkly fairy hairs! These 100% silk hair shimmers have no chemical treatments and are tied to your hair within seconds. Wash, comb, brush, perm, straighten, dye – The strand shines on til’ that one hair does fly. Can last for months, or just one day. When you lose a hair, who can say? And what’s better than shimmery fairy hair? Being made with 100% silk strands, this natural fiber breaks down once it has fulfilled its lifespan, so you can do up your β€˜do guilt free! 

With a variety of colors to choose from, we will match the fairy strands to your natural hair color, so these glimmers shimmer like sunshine… or go with some of the wild and fun unicorn colors!

Get a few strands for a subtle approach or go for a whole head! $10 for 6 strands, $20 for 12 strands, $30 for a half head of shimmers, and $50 for a full head of fairy hair (AKA Festival Hair)